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Locum Doctor Survival Guide

Survival Guide cover
Foreword to online edition (2004)
Foreword to paperback edition (2005)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Locum Work
Chapter 2: How to Find Locum Work
Chapter 3: Running Your Own Business
Chapter 4: Setting Locum Rates
Chapter 5: Terms and Conditions, Bookings, and Invoices
Chapter 6: Tax and National Insurance
Chapter 7: Business Expenses
Chapter 8: Insurance
Chapter 9: Pensions
Chapter 10: Negotiation
Chapter 11: Practicalities of Locum Work
Chapter 12: Clinical Aspects of Locum Work
Chapter 13: Variety in Locum Work
Appendix A: Useful locum websites
Appendix B: Useful addresses
Appendix C: Useful locum forms
Appendix D: Locum equipment
Appendix E: Suggested reading
Locum Doctor Survival Guide

Robbie Coull, 240 pages, paperback
ISBN-10: 0955207207
ISBN-13: 9780955207204
5/5 stars BMJ review, 6th May 2006

5/5 stars Amazon average review rating, May 2006


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Synopsis: the definitive guide to being a locum GP in the UK, the Locum Doctor Survival Guide contains vital information and advice for locum/freelance GPs, GP registrars considering locum work, and GP principals thinking of jumping ship. Written by a doctor who has spent nine years working as a locum in the NHS in Scotland, England, Wales, and Canada - in urban, rural and remote general practice, as well as in hospitals and prisons - this book contains all the information you need to be a successful locum. Topics include finding and arranging locum work, setting your own locum rates, agreeing on terms and conditions of work, dealing with tax and expenses, and negotiating with practices and PCOs.

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